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(note : the "new subtitle" gag comes from Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

The next game in the Hitman series, Absolution, looks amazing, both visually and in terms of playability. IO Interactive has introduced lots of improvements, which you can see for yourself in this video, a play through of the "Streets of Hope" mission (obviously a bit spoilery).

One of the new features is agent 47's "instinct", which give the player a sense of targets and NPCs around him. This can also be used to slow down time, for example to kill multiple targets in a small window of time. The game also tells you when you are trespassing, visibly armed, etc. so that you know when to be discreet. All of this can of course be disabled, it you'd like more of a "purist" experience.

Hitman Absolution will have a "mission editor", where players can design their own mission objectives, but this editor comes with a twist : you cannot simply type "kill x with weapon y", you have to actually play it ! So, if you want to challenge the best Hitman players in the world with a hardcore mission, you'll have to play through it first :

"Contracts" trailer

The game comes out globally on November 20, 2012 for PCs and high-end game consoles.


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Via Rock, Paper, Shotgun, a new Hitman video : 'The Kill Mode Trailer'.

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