Crash Course World History, year 2!

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Hey, remember in 2012, when I shared a link to the first video from Hank & John Green's new channel Crash Course? Good times.

42 World History episodes have been published (here's the playlist) which are all informative, fun to watch, and fast paced (and you know what they say; if it's too fast, you're too old! An old smiley).

Crash Course then went on to cover other topics, such as Chemistry, Biology, Literature, and US History. But now, World History is back! Only two episodes have been released at the moment, and it's already clear that this series is going to be amazing. The first 2 topics tackled by John Green are the definition of "civilization" & the evolution of money. You know, easy, simple topics.

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Visit to watch the rest of the episodes, and don't forget to take a look at the others courses, like Psychology and Literature.

It's important to mention that, while the 1st episodes of Crash Course were made thanks to a grant from Google, they are now financed through donations from viewers; the videos remain free to watch, but if you like what they do please visit, where you can help them (and other creators) make amazing content for the web.

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