Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason, by Seth Andrews

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This short book is an interesting read, a biographical account on how a Christian radio personality took the steps from religion to atheism, even activism.

Seth Andrews is perhaps most known today for his website and podcast, The Thinking Atheist. In this book he recounts the origin of the site, and community that he created.

The writing style is fine, but it won't win any literary prices. He's simply "some guy" (his words) trying to think for himself after years of indoctrination.

In Europe we sometimes forget how hard it can be for someone to "come out" as an atheist in the US, especially in the so-called bible belt. This revelation is often akin to social suicide.

While it is the account of an atheist activist, this book can be interesting to those who believe ; they'll discover how Seth, struggling with his beliefs for some time, looked for answers and found the words of Hitchens, Dawkins, Bennet, and others.

If you're curious, consider listening to a few episodes of The Thinking Atheist podcast. Seth knows how to produce a great show, and his deep voice is perfect for radio. TTA picks a discussion theme each week, Seth gives his opinion on the topic and takes calls.

I don't know if I would give this book to a curious religious person. I feel that julia Sweeney's account would be a better choice, as her one-woman show is very funny and enthralling.