Dragon capture confirmed!

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By the way, the space cargo ship "Dragon", by SpaceX, has correctly reached the ISS ! It is the first privately funded spaceship to reach the international space station.

The Dragon caught by the ISS
shot from the ISS

At 2 PM UTC, the Dragon was successfully caught by the Canadian robotic arm of the ISS, now they need to dock. NASA has a streaming video of the event here : nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/ustream.html.


1.Commentaire de l'auteur, le 25 mai 2012 (17 h 10) :

"NASA finished inspection of the mating area of Dragon and confirms it's good to go." (lol ?)

2.Commentaire de l'auteur, le 25 mai 2012 (18 h 06) :

Dragon capsule berthed at ISS at 16:02 UTC !

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