How to oil your cube

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So, how do you oil a Rubik's Cube to be able to move it this fast ? I asked youtube :

twist it a little then take out the middle cube out then get like a q tip then put vasline in it


I use powdered graphite. Seems to work well

Adam Rast

You sand it out first (take out an edge, pour sand in, play with it for a while). Clean it, wash it, dry it properly, then use silicon grease. You can use graphite and I heard that works well, it does, however, fall out sometimes and would cause things to be smudged with graphite (just use a sharpener on the graphite part of a pencil).


you buy some silicon spray ( that must contain only silicon, not other oils because they will destroy your cube) pop off 3 edges and the corner between them spray one two very short times in there, put it back together, do 5-10 solves then let it be for a couple of hours. do it outside cause it stinks