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The divorce between Instagram and Twitter is official : You cannot view pictures from Instagram in your feed anymore, and "twitpics" now offers filters.

Ahh, filters. The magic recipe to turn regular photos into works of art basic smiley. This basic idea turned the basic photo-sharing app Instagram into a company valued at 1 Billion dollars by Facebook.

On the other side of the ring, we have Twitter, which has it's own picture hosting service and app, twitpic. I have tried the app on Android, and it's really disappointing. Twitpic uses a tool called Aviary Editor to offer very basic editing features, and a few filters, but the result looks like a cheap instagram. I don't think this is what will make them gain users, most of which have already switched to more feature-filled image sharing apps.

The challenger in this field is Flickr, a photo sharing website which opened its doors in 2004 (!), but since its acquisition by Yahoo in '05 hasn't changed much. It could have been Instagram, had they done a great mobile app.

I think they've always tried to attract more "serious" photographers, so I guess cute little filters would have appeared as a novelty. Still, they could have added the option to see pictures with and without the effects, or something.

But what's in the new Flickr app ? Why it's filters !

The new Flickr 2.0, for iOs
Flickr new app for iOs

Twitpic and Flickr both seem to use the Aviary SDK (as do many apps), so I'm not sure how we will be able to tell them appart.


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People are mad about Instagram since their Terms of Service seem to give them the rights to sell any photo you've uploaded.

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