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the illustration for the RISK podcast

I keep finding great podcasts on maximumfun, the latest being RISK!, a storytelling show, like The Moth, but with different kind of stories. RISK! is all about people sharing tales that would be "inappropriate" to share in most contexts. Stories about sex, drugs, sex, abuse, sex, homosexuality, sex…

Hosted by Kevin Allison, the show is funny, sometimes feels crass, but always interesting ; I'm learning a lot of gay slang & things people do for fun in the kink (BDSM) community ! smiley angel

Just like The Moth, the RISK! podcast also holds live events around the US, where storytellers share their experiences live. On the interwebs, you can listen to it at risk-show.com, in itunes, or wherever you look for podcasts, you sick bastard.

The podcast is supported by listeners, so if you like what you hear, help them out by going to maximumfun.org/donate, and selecting RISK! as your favourite show.