Star Wars : The Old Republic

. lecture : 2 minutes

Recently, I've tested a lot of MMOs, in order to create videos of the character creation processes (see my youtube channel). I've come to the following conclusion : most of them suck.

The ones that are "free to play" are free for a reason : Sadly, we are far from the "free as in open source" quality, they are closer to the free Facebook "games" from Zynga : The goal isn't that you have fun, it is to get you to buy virtual items.

Among all this suckiness, only a few MMOs deserve your time : World of Warcraft, the de facto standard, and Star Wars : The Old Republic, abbreviated as SWTOR.

In SWTOR, a lot of care went into crafting the various quests : Contrary to most, if not all other MMOs, the quest giver talks to you, explaining the mission.

The quests also have dialogue options, which change the outcome of the exchange.
screenshot from SWTOR

This must have taken a lot of work, a lot of voice actors, and a lot of money. But it was worth it. Now, I cannot go back to a game where quests are given as "display text N°x : kill y monsters of type z".

One thing is disappointing in SWTOR : the choice of playable races. You can pick the humans, the cyborgs-humans, the blue humans, the red humans, or the green humans. I'm joking. No I'm not.

In a world where everyone you meet is of a different race, that's the best you can come up with ?
the races in SWTOR

Version 1.2 and the "Legacy" system

With the latest big patch (link to patch notes), a bunch of content was added to SWTOR, most notably the "Legacy" system. Your characters on the same server now share a lineage, they can even have a last name, as soon as one of them finishes the first chapter of the main quest. This is a great addition, and really adds a sense of history to the game.

screenshot from SWTOR

Do not hesitate, buy it now, digitally at, or on amazon if you'd rather have a box (link below).