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Here's another podcast that I think you'd like: "StartUp" by Alex Blumberg, a name that should ring a bell if you already listen to podcasts: He is known for his work on This American Life and for co-founding Planet Money, two of the most popular shows out there.

He has now left the world of public radio to start a new for-profit podcasting business, and is documenting that process in its own podcast. In this miniseries (5 to 8 episodes are planned), Alex Blumberg documents the challenges he faces starting a business from the ground up and records his thoughts and doubts as he faces them.

This "behind the scenes" access is fascinating! I was hooked after episode #3, where we learn that looking for a business partner is a lot like dating; a proposed partnership sounds exactly like asking for someone's hand in marriage. That episode was particularly insightfull because we got to hear what they were thinking aftewards, as they recounted the meeting to their actual spouses.

You can listen and subscribe to StartUp at and in your favorite "podcatching" app, and the actual business is Gimlet Media, by business partners Alex Blumberg (@abexlumberg) and Matt Lieber (@mlieber) (episode #3 spoiler, sorry ^^).