The Curfew — serious game from the BBC

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Play This Thing reviews The Curfew, a game about civil liberties and teenagers that my wife, Alice Taylor commissioned for UK broadcaster Channel 4. The game, produced by Littleloud and written by Kieron Gillen, just won Best Educational Game at the Games for Change awards (it's a free-to-play Flash game, so you can judge for yourself -- or bring it into your classroom, or talk about it with your kids or friends).

BoingBoing — The Curfew: a game about civil liberties and teenagers

A really good flash game, The Curfew takes place in a dystopian future in the UK (think V for Vendetta). A bit long, but your progress is saved automatically.


1. le 04 juillet 2011 (18 h 24), par Marmouchon :

ça rappelle beaucoup V pour Vendetta sur le theme. Pas assez joué pour donner un avis complet, le début m'a semblé assez linaire et assez "obvious"

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