The Walking Dead videogame

The Walking Dead videogame

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The Walking Dead is an incredible comic book series, adapted to a so-so TV series and a great videogame.

The game (available on Steam) follows survivors of the zombie apocalypse, and is an adventure game. You mostly point and click to solve problems, but I think this is beside the point.

The core of the game is in it's tough moral choices, such as : "You're stuck in a room with someone dying. If he dies, he'll turn into a zombie. Do you try to save him or do you finish him to protect the others ? Oh, and you have 10 seconds to decide. And the guy in question hates you."

It's also worth mentioning that the game comes out in episodes, each with about 3 hours of gameplay. The first three are out, and I cannot wait for the next ones.

Trailer for episode 4


1.Commentaire de l'auteur, le 10 octobre 2012 (11 h 19) :

Episode 4 is out !

2.Commentaire de l'auteur, le 11 octobre 2012 (17 h 54) :

I just finished episode 4, it's a great one. Can't wait to see the ending.

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