The worst song in the world

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According to votes on Youtube, Jessica black's "Friday" is the worst song ever :

The song was not written by Black, but by Ark Music founder Patrice Wilson, who also appears as the rapper on the song and video.

I enjoyed a few parodies of it, like this dub, or the song "Saturday".

But wait, there's more ! Here's a re-imaging of the song, with religious overtones !

This song is now in your head.


1. le 16 avril 2011 (14 h 28), par nyco :

Damm you!!! "fun fun fun fun". AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH


And I'll add an extra comment from Jamie Cara on the iTunes song page: "Who is this person and why is she singing about Fried Eggs and not being able to pick between the front and back seat?"

2. le 16 avril 2011 (14 h 35), par nyco :

La parodie chrétienne est hallucinante. Si c'est vraiment du premier dégré, wahou (l'expression de joie, pas la crêpe)

PS: LIGHTFOOT, essch (love captcha^^)

3.Commentaire de l'auteur, le 16 mai 2012 (16 h 37) :

The video has been removed from youtube :( Here's a copy :

Also, there's worst : "Hot problems". :D

4.Commentaire de l'auteur, le 17 mai 2012 (09 h 10) :

"Time To Rock" — A Bad Lip Reading of "Hot Problems" :D

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