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Today, I'd like to propose that you follow a very interesting blog : Polite Dissent. Written by "scott", an american physician, Polite Dissent reviews comics & TV series from a medical perpective.

If you're a fan of the TV series House M.D. and Fringe, Polite Dissent publishes medical reviews of both.

Do we use only 10% of our brains ? Answer on Polite Dissent.
a comic, explained on Polite Dissent

To follow this great blog, add this to your RSS reader :


1. le 11 novembre 2011 (12 h 11), par Nyco :

Thanks for sharing!!! I'll check this out as soon as my brain's done thinking about how to end this comment properly.

2. le 15 novembre 2011 (12 h 31), par KG :

I know it's called "Today's RSS feed", but a link to the blog would be nice too !

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