Ubuntu doesn't excite me anymore

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Ubuntu, we need to talk. I've loved you for a very long time, but today I'm not clear about my feelings. You've changed. I thought the "unity" UI was just a phase, that you'd grow out of it, but it seems it's here to stay.

I have a netbook, and you don't seem to handle that very well. I had a short affair with Moblin, which became Meego, which then died. That OS was a sexy young thing, with a UI designed for smaller screens.

Moblin, you sexy tease.
moblin linux screenshot

So I'm sorry Ubuntu, but it's over. I need to move on and find someone more suited to me.


1. le 28 novembre 2012 (12 h 41), par Olivier :

So, what will it be? Linux Mint? or as a real geek a Debian from scratch? ;)

Réponse de Manu

Ah, Debian, my high school crush :)

2. le 28 novembre 2012 (12 h 55), par Dokko :

I'm now on Arch Linux, it's pretty awesome and well documented

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