Untrusted, a meta-JavaScript adventure game

Untrusted, a meta-JavaScript adventure game

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Here's something new: a game that let you change the source code of the game itself: Untrusted (alexnisnevich.github.io/untrusted).

Made by Alexnis Nevich and Greg Shuflin, Untrusted is a "meta-JavaScript adventure game, in which players must modify the game's code to complete puzzles" :

On the right, your character (@) has to go through a maze.
On the left, the code that created the maze. Change it to change the puzzle.
Screenshot from the game Untrusted

Each level is a great brain teaser, with something new to figure out each time, and there's even great music! (Listen to the full soundtrack here).

Note that you don't need to be a javascript master to play this, but you'll need some programming concepts. Each time you solve a level, your solution is automatically saved to a github "gist", so you could easily share it with your geeky friends. For instance, here's what I did for level 7 : https://gist.github.com/anonymous/47f940128b8904be091c.

So go play Untrusted, or look at its Github repository… Because you know, you could edit the source code of the game that creates the source code that you can edit to solve the puzzle. #meta


1. le 21 mai 2014 (10 h 19), par Mushu :

Glad I sent it to you :) I love the imbrication of code and game at this level

Remind me of a game in early access on steam : Hack 'n' Slash where you have the ability to change some properties of items or monster by 'hacking' them, to by pass puzzles and difficulties.

In the same imbrication spirit there is the new Transistor, mixing programming and action game with its vocabulary and ideas (also made by SuperGiant games, the creators of the excellent Bastion !)

Réponse de Manu

Yes, thanks for the link! I don't know either of the games you mentioned, now I have to check them out as well :)

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