Zero Day, by Mark Russinovich

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I'm a little late, but I just finished reading Zero Day, the first novel by Mark Russinovich. Mark is an expert on Windows, he founded the company sysinternals, which made system tools for the famous OS and which was later acquired by Microsoft.

The plot of the book centers around a concerted cyber attack on the US and Europe, by … well telling you more would be a spoiler. The book's technical aspects are all believable because they are real; and may be the kick some people need to take computer security seriously.

The conclusion of the story was a little too "Deus ex machina" for me, things unwrapped pretty fast.

As a side note, do not start reading this book on a plane smiley confused. Like the series Fringe, the story begins with an aviation accident.

All in all, I give it a rating of :

3 computer viruses out of 5
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1. le 10 avril 2012 (12 h 52), par Marmou :

Can you lend me your book ? People keep telling me that I have to read to write properly. Nonsense !

2. le 10 avril 2012 (14 h 33), par nyco :

I give this rating a rating of 5 meta-ratings out of 5.

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