"Google Doodle" of the day : Hertz' birthday

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Today, Google shows a new "doodle"; the logo has become an electromagnetic wave, in honor of the 155th birthday of the german phycisit Heinrich Rudolf Hertz :

Today's "doodle"…
google's doodle
…compared with the one for new years day.
google's doodle explained

Hertz (wikipedia page) was the first (in 1886) to identify invisible electromagnetic waves, that we use today to transmit radio and (terrestrial) television signals. The unit of measurement of the frequency of such a wave is called the hertz, in his honor.

Unlike the recent "doodles" recently featured on Google, this one isn't a technical feat of HTML 5 and JavaScript, but a simple animated gif. Sudden nostalgia attack ! :)


1. le 24 f?vrier 2012 (10 h 29), par nyco :

He also invented the rental car. (true story)

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